For over sixty years, Jackson Savings Bank, SSB has taken pride in a history of dedicated service to the people of Jackson and the surrounding counties of Western North Carolina.  This service began in 1955 when a group of thirteen local business and professional people, inspired by a common goal to invest in the people and future of the county, founded Jackson County Savings and Loan Association.

In 1961, Federal Insurance was approved for every account by the Federal Savings and Loan Association Corporation.  In 1968, the Association purchased property and in the fall of 1971, plans were drawn up for a building to house the Association.  Since 1957, the organization had occupied office space in the former Hotel Lloyd building.  In September of 1972, the Association moved into its new quarters and present location.  Expansion came on November 7, 1988 with the addition of the Bryson City branch office.

The institution also changed in name in 1987 to better reflect its growth and services provided to the surrounding counties, becoming Jackson Savings and Loan.  Then on July 2, 1992, under the State Savings Bank Charter made available by the North Carolina State Legislature in 1991, the institution took its present name of Jackson Savings Bank, SSB.


Today, Jackson Savings Bank is proud of its past and looks forwards to the present.  Since its beginning in 1955, the bank has grown in size and assets, along with the communities we serve.  We are proud to have a significant role in this growth, providing loans and savings accounts that have generated new and prospering homes and businesses throughout the region.